Present The Future

A boundary-breaking collaboration of music, painting and digital art at the world’s first, dedicated NFT art residency by a creative collective


Present the Future is a future-focused, boundary-breaking, creative collective comprising: artist Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar, singer, composer and entrepreneur Tinie Tempah, digital artist Vector Meldrew, spearheaded by collector and curator, Kamiar Maleki.

In early June the collective came together at the world’s first, dedicated NFT art residency to create a body of NFTs combining the creative vision of the three artists. 

The NFTs drop on July 21, 2021 on Nifty Gateway in association with Bonhams.

Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar


Tinie Tempah

British singer, composer and entrepreneur

Vector Meldrew

Digital Artist

Kamiar Maleki

Art collector and curator


Between 7 – 13 June 2021, at the iconic and luxurious Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, a Four Seasons Hotel, French-Iranian artist Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar, British digital artist Vector Meldrew and British singer, composer and entrepreneur Tinie Tempah collaborated in what was the world’s first dedicated NFT residency to create a suite of NFT art works, curated by Kamiar Maleki.

“…the NFT residency will support and set the standards for the new hybrid paradigm shift taking place within the NFT ecosystem, bringing together art and music to break boundaries and inspire new collaborations transcending physical and digital realms.”

Harper’s Bazaar Art

The Live Event

The residency culminated on the evening of 12 June, in a unique, live, collaborative performance of live painting by Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar and a musical and spoken word performance by Tinie Tempah. 


“…as a performance… there was something magical about the artists sharing their process like an openwork object. In the end, the process—creating an NFT derived from a collective painting in the real world—took precedence over the product.”

Nadine Khalil, The Art Newspaper


The artists and collaborators on the collaborative performance and concert:


“It was a moving experience to share a stage with Sassan at the Four Seasons Hotel du Cap, it’s the first time I’ve ever created live Art and being able to share exclusive music created for the NFTs made the moment extremely special.”

Tinie Tempah 


“It’s about creative freedom, it’s about collaboration, it’s about passion, authenticity and trust.”

Dumi Oburota (Producer and manager of Tinie Tempah)


“The right energy was present on stage, creativity was flowing naturally and it felt like we’ve been doing this forever.”

Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar

The works

Pioneers in their respective mediums the artists have woven their gifts together to create a body of four outstanding NFT’s. In this, the collective are building on the disruptive and progressive potential of NFTs and blockchain technology to reorganise and reinvent how we all work, think and create.

A new series of paintings by Behnam-Bakhtiar that combine his distinctive peinture raclée style with sumptuous, figurative, floral shapes form the inspiration and starting point for each work.

Building on the energy and cosmology of the Behnam-Bakhtiar paintings, Tinie Tempah has created a series of new, dedicated tracks that lyrically explore the positive energy and collective action we must take as a society to tackle with environmental and climate crisis at hand, reminding us that our future is in our hands.

Combining these streams of creative vision with his own, digital artist Vector Meldrew, has realised four outstanding NFT’s. The imagery takes us on a journey into an imagined metaverse and an engagement with the underlying structure of our reality. In this space that exists beyond our usual sensory perception we are confronted with both the dark and bright potential futures that lie ahead of us. 


The suite of final works comprises four NFT’s. Pure Energy is a unique NFT, the marquee work of the collaboration and three editioned works: Future at Dawn, Pink Future and Blue Future,


The Drop

The NFTs will be dropped on Nifty Gateway on 21 July 2021.


To launch the NFT the Present the Future collective alongside its partners and collaborators will stage a panel discussion and press conference on 21 July 2021 at Bonhams, London to discuss and celebrate this groundbreaking creative collaboration and the potential of NFTs to inspire and platform new forms of creativity.

The Present the Future collective will be joined by representatives from Gemini and from Bonhams and the panel discussions will be chaired by renowned art enthusiasts.

Location: Bonhams, 101 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1SR 

Time: 10:00 AM

The collaborators share their thoughts on their boundary breaking project:

Curator and collector Kamiar Maleki:

“From Instagram, to TikTok, to NFT’s, the digital art space is evolving in ways never before thought possible. In Present the Future, the world’s first hybrid digital / physical NFT production and minting experience, we’re proud to present the collaborative work of two artistic visionaries created at the Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, a setting that instills awe and wonder and inspires true creativity.”

Artist, Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar:

“Creating a bridge between the creative worlds of art and music profoundly excites me. After a year of work, I’m proud to help realize Present the Future – a unique project that platforms creativity, positive energy and fosters a connection with nature. I’m thankful for the support of our partners, the Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, a Four Seasons Hotel, and the municipality of Saint Jean Cap-Ferrat.”

Artist, Tinie Tempah:

“I am excited about the way art is evolving and being redefined. We are entering a future I have always dreamt of as an artist where the creators are empowered like never before. Art and music have always gone hand in hand. Art inspires music and vice versa, and I am excited to present works and ideas Sassan and I have spent a year working on both in physical and digital form.”

Artist, Vector Meldrew

“I am excited to be showcasing this inspiring and creative use of Blockchain and NFT’s. It is a technology built to solve issues around trust and collaboration. This project between myself, Tinie, Sassan and Kamiar is a perfect example of how it can bring together three, often disparate worlds. We want to show how it’s possible to powerfully combine fine art, music and digital art”


Donations of proceeds:

5% of proceeds from sales of NFT’s will be donated to the Fondation Prince Albert II De Monaco to support its outstanding environmental program.

The Future Garden @ Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

As well as donating proceeds from sales, Present the Future is proud to announce as a permanent part of its initiative a collaboration with the City of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and its Mayor of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Mr. Jean-Francois Dieterich – the launch of a unique cultural and ecological initiative, The Future Garden @ Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

The Future Garden comprises two co-existing, green spaces.

The first is a new, dedicated public garden created by the Maire of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat especially for this project. The second is a digital garden, visible online, created and imagined by the Present the Future collective that takes as its starting point the IRL garden in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. 


The intertwined gardens will be allowed to go wild manifesting the ecological concept of re-wilding in both digital space and in the heart of the one of the most glamourous locations in the South of France. The physical garden will become home for wild grasses and flowers and the small-scale fauna this habitat attracts. The digital garden meanwhile will give full licence to the unlimited possibilities of digital design by manifesting the collective’s ideas of wildness with a baroque, sci-fi, hyper-abundant aesthetic.

QR codes on display at The Future Garden @ Saint Jean Cap Ferrat will provide a portal between the two spaces. Meanwhile the garden will be globally accessible online.

Maintained and nurtured by the Mairie of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat the garden is imagined as a site of contemplation, communion with nature and a place to learn about ecological initiatives.

Official partners

Nifty Gateway: Is a digital art auction platform for NFT art. Nifty Gateway has sold NFTs by, Beeple, Grimes and other widely followed NFT artists.

In March 2021, Nifty Gateway began a partnership with the auction house Sotheby’s. Nifty Gateway teams up with top artists and brands to create collections of limited edition, high quality Nifties, exclusively available on our platform. We’ve teamed up with people like world renowned artist Michael Kagan.  Nifty Gateway is also a centralized, USD based marketplace for buying and selling Nifties. Nifty Gateway lets you display your Nifties, as well as withdraw them to external wallets, or deposit Nifties from external wallets into your collection.

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Four Seasons Cap Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel: With a guestbook signed by everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to Winston Churchill and an enviable perch overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the palatial spread of the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel has been the epitome of Côte d’Azur chic for more than a century. Today, sumptuous rooms with views from Nice to Monaco, Michelin-starred Provençal and Mediterranean cuisine and a lively pool club keep this landmark hotel at the forefront of Riviera life.

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